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What is Qinect?

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Qinect brings together different players in the global entrepreneurial eco-system.
Entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates exchange with the common goal of creating value together in a sustainable, ethical and high impact way.


Venture Mentor

Venture Mentor is a structured approach to Venture Mentoring.
A venture can follow the process with a digital mentor or a real, human mentor!
Using the LiveCASE on-line learning platform, the mentor and the venture mentee(s) are taken through the structured framework using text, videos and gamified content for an enhanced and efficient learning journey, which can be entirely online or delivered in a hybrid on/off-line setting.
The delivery can be paced to the timetable and availability of ventures and mentors, from several days to several months.


The Methodology

This methodology was developed by Adrian Johnson during his career as a serial entrepreneur and his work as an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD with MBA, EMBA and executive participants from around the world.
The LiveCASE platform was co-developed based on several years of designing and delivering experiential courses in the field of business education.


About Us

The contributors and partners of Qinect are an eclectic group of experienced global professionals dedicated to fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, bulding a better future through collaborative experimentation and open innovation.