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AI-driven role play simulations in education.


We have a diverse and growing library of role play scenarios covering topics such as:
• Leadership
• Negotiation
• Entrepreneurship
• Decision-making ...


We can tailor our scenario content to your organisation and learning objectives.
We can also white-label our application, adapting to your design and corporate ID.


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Qinect at the Danish Film School

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Featured Scenarios

The Shooting Star – Xander’s Agent

The Shooting Star – Xander’s Agent
Step into the shoes of a Hollywood talent agent at MTG, a small family-owned firm with a legacy of representing film stars. Your mission is to navigate the challenging waters of film industry negotiations, aiming to secure the best possible deal for your main client, Xander Akt’Ionrreeru, a once-celebrated action movie star whose career has seen better days.

Digital Distribution Deal

Digital Distribution Deal
Join our negotiation course scenario where Kinuva seeks exclusive rights to a hit game from an indie developer, balancing profit, exposure, and creativity.

Delivering bad news to your investor

Delivering bad news to your investor
You have just lot a major customer in your B2B startup. You will not meet your targets this year and will run out of cash. You have to meet your investor and share the news.

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