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We have a diverse and growing library of role play scenarios covering topics such as:
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• Negotiation
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• Decision-making ...


We can tailor our scenario content to your organisation and learning objectives.
We can also white-label our application, adapting to your design and corporate ID.


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Qinect at the Danish Film School

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Featured Scenarios

VC Term Sheet Negotiation

VC Term Sheet Negotiation
A venture capital fund is eager to invest in your startup. Negotiate face-to-face with Bertrand Drannoc, a seasoned VC fund manager. Explore the complex details of closing a Private Equity/VC term sheet. Sharpen your negotiation skills in a simulation preparing you for real-life business encounters with investors.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion
Embark on an interactive journey with our Diversity and Inclusion Role-Play Training Course! Step into different roles, tackle real-world scenarios, and enhance team dynamics. Develop empathy, master inclusive communication, and champion diversity in your workplace. Join us to transform and innovate!

Radio Scan - Sofie Nielsen

Radio Scan - Sofie Nielsen
At Radio Scan, Programme Director Sofie Nielsen negotiates with Veteran Host Mikkel Jensen to cut his airtime by 50% for new shows, balancing innovation with loyalty. Playing Sofie Nielsen, can you come to a deal while keeping Radio Scan live!?

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