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Consultancy Negotiation

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Data and Decision-Making

Approximate Length
60 minutes
Step into the role of a Chief Procurement Officer in our Procurement Training Simulation: Collaborative Negotiation Edition. Negotiate, strategize, and secure the best deals in a dynamic semi-government setting. Ready to master the art of negotiation? Start your journey today!

Welcome to the Procurement Training Simulation: Collaborative Negotiation Edition on the Qinect AI-Driven Role Play Simulation platform. This engaging and immersive experience is designed for teachers, learning designers, and program schedulers who aim to develop advanced procurement and negotiation skills in a dynamic semi-government setting. Participants will step into the shoes of key personnel within an organization known for its licensing activities and business center facilities in a bustling business park.

In this simulation, participants will navigate the intricate world of procurement by embodying the role of a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). Tasked with securing a consultancy proposal that aligns with the strategic objectives of your organization, you will use collaborative negotiation techniques to tackle complex challenges and engage with diverse stakeholders. The goal is to achieve critical objectives that are vital to the success of your organization.

Participants will be exposed to real-world scenarios that require sharp decision-making, effective communication, and strategic thinking. Your skills in creating mutually beneficial agreements, fostering productive relationships, and managing potential conflicts will be critically tested in a realistic environment.

Learning Objectives:
- Hone Negotiation Skills: Develop the ability to conduct negotiations that focus on achieving the best outcomes while maintaining strong professional relationships.
- Expand Procurement Knowledge: Gain insights into advanced procurement strategies and how they align with organizational goals.
- Enhance Strategic Thinking: Learn to formulate strategies such as Most Desirable Outcome (MDO), Least Acceptable Agreement (LAA), and Best Alternative To Negotiate Agreement (BATNA).