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The Shooting Star – Xander’s Agent

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Arts and Entertainment
Approximate Length
60 - 180 minutes
Step into the shoes of a Hollywood talent agent at MTG, a small family-owned firm with a legacy of representing film stars. Your mission is to navigate the challenging waters of film industry negotiations, aiming to secure the best possible deal for your main client, Xander Akt’Ionrreeru, a once-celebrated action movie star whose career has seen better days.

As Xander’s agent, you inherit not only the responsibility of reviving his dwindling career but also the trust he placed in your parents before retiring. With rumors swirling about the potential lead role in the sequel “Don’t Die on Me 6” (DDoM6), a franchise that propelled Xander to stardom, you find yourself at a critical juncture. The film’s production is surrounded by uncertainty, especially with the new star, Jett Star, expected to take the franchise forward. Complications have arisen, potentially opening a window of opportunity for Xander.

This simulation will test your strategic thinking, negotiation skills, and ability to maintain the delicate balance between asserting your client’s interests and securing a deal that might set him back on the path to stardom.

Your decisions could either reignite Xander’s career or be a missed step in these treacherous negotiations. The stage is set, the players are ready, and the future of Xander Akt’Ionrreeru hangs in the balance.