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Change Management

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Data and Decision-Making
Leadership and Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management

Approximate Length
60 minutes
Master change management in a global setting with our AI-Driven Role Play Simulation. Step into key roles at a multinational corporation, tackle real-world challenges, and develop crucial leadership skills. Dive into the dynamics of global change today!

**Explore Change Management with Our AI-Driven Role Play Simulation**

Prepare your students for the complexities of change management in a global business environment with our cutting-edge AI-Driven Role Play Simulation on the Qinect platform. Designed for immersive learning, our scenario "Navigating Change: A Multinational Perspective" offers an in-depth exploration into managing significant transformations within a large multinational corporation.

Participants step into key roles—from CEO to Regional Managers—and tackle the challenges of integrating new technologies and processes across diverse geographic locations and cultures. This simulation addresses the full lifecycle of change management: planning, communication, implementation, evaluation, and scaling.

Ideal for students in business, management, and leadership programs, this simulation enhances skills in strategic thinking, leadership, adaptability, and stakeholder engagement. It provides a safe, controlled environment where learners can experiment with decision-making, experience the consequences of their actions, and understand the dynamics of team management in complex scenarios.

This tool is perfect for teachers, learning designers, and program schedulers looking to enrich their curriculum with practical, hands-on experiences that mirror real-world challenges. Our platform facilitates seamless integration into existing courses, providing comprehensive support materials to guide you through setup and execution.

Incorporate our role play scenario into your teaching schedule and empower your students to become adept change managers who can navigate and lead through the intricacies of global business transformations.