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Managing across Cultures

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Difficult Conversations

Approximate Length
3 - 4 hours
Dive into the "Navigating Global Waters" simulation and master managing across cultures! Using Erin Meyer’s Culture Map, lead teams from the US, Japan, Germany, Nigeria and Brazil in a high-stakes project. Enhance your global leadership skills and cultural intelligence in this dynamic role-play scenario.

Explore the dynamics of global teamwork and cross-cultural management with our "Navigating Global Waters" role-play scenario, based on Erin Meyer's acclaimed Culture Map Framework. This simulation is a must-have for teachers, learning designers, and program schedulers aiming to equip participants with essential skills for leading and collaborating across diverse cultural landscapes.

Participants will role-play as team leads from the United States, Japan, Germany, Nigeria and Brazil, each bringing unique cultural perspectives to a high-stakes project at the multinational company, GlobaTech. The scenario challenges teams to develop and execute a product launch strategy while managing the complexities of communication styles, decision-making processes, and leadership hierarchies that vary significantly from one culture to another.

Using the Culture Map’s eight dimensions—Communicating, Evaluating, Leading, Deciding, Trusting, Disagreeing, Scheduling, and Persuading—this simulation offers a rich, interactive experience that highlights the impact of cultural differences on workplace effectiveness. Participants will navigate through a series of tasks, from virtual meetings to strategy presentations, confronting real-world issues such as indirect vs. direct feedback, consensus-building, and adapting to different pacing schedules.

Ideal for integration into business courses, leadership workshops, or corporate training programs, "Navigating Global Waters" prepares learners to lead with cultural intelligence, fostering environments of collaboration and respect in globalized business settings. The scenario includes detailed role descriptions, cultural background resources, and a debriefing session to reinforce learning outcomes and encourage reflective discussions.

Empower your learners to become adept cultural navigators and effective global leaders with this immersive, educational simulation.