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Pitching a New Venture

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Communication and Storytelling
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Information Technology
Approximate Length
60 minutes
Dive into the world of entrepreneurship with our "Pitching ProsperoTech" simulation! Engage in a role play where you pitch a cutting-edge tech venture, using Adrian Johnson's framework to explore business creation, strategy, and execution. Practise with ProperoTech in a safe simulated space, before pitching your own venture in the real world!

Welcome to the Qinect AI-Driven Role Play Simulation, featuring our interactive scenario, "Pitching ProsperoTech." This simulation is crafted using Adrian Johnson's New Venture Creation framework, providing an invaluable learning experience for students of entrepreneurship, business strategy, and innovation management.

In "Pitching ProsperoTech," participants engage in a dynamic role-playing activity where they assume the roles of entrepreneurs and investors. The scenario challenges them to pitch a new tech venture aimed at revolutionizing the online education space through an immersive virtual reality platform. This platform addresses key challenges in e-learning, such as student engagement and retention, by transforming traditional content into interactive, experiential learning journeys.

This scenario is ideal for incorporation into business studies, particularly units focused on entrepreneurship, business modelling, and strategic management. Teachers, learning designers, and programme schedulers will find this simulation an excellent tool to stimulate critical thinking, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster teamwork among students.

Participants will navigate through three critical stages of venture creation:
1. Identifying the Opportunity: Understanding the market need and conceptualizing a solution.
2. Developing the Business Model: Crafting a viable business strategy, including market analysis, revenue streams, and customer acquisition.
3. Planning Implementation: Detailing the operational, financial, and managerial aspects necessary to launch and sustain the business.

Each stage is designed to challenge participants' understanding of how to successfully develop and present a business idea, assess its feasibility, and execute a strategic plan. This role-play not only enhances students' theoretical knowledge but also equips them with practical skills in business planning and pitching.

Adopt "Pitching ProsperoTech" to inspire innovation and entrepreneu