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Delivering bad news to your investor

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Difficult Conversations
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Finance and Accounting

Information Technology
Approximate Length
60 minutes
You have just lot a major customer in your B2B startup. You will not meet your targets this year and will run out of cash. You have to meet your investor and share the news.

Step into the role of a CEO in our engaging role play simulation, designed specifically for those in leadership roles who want to master the art of communication under pressure. This scenario offers a dynamic learning environment for delivering difficult news effectively and strategically, turning a challenging situation into a valuable learning experience.

You are at the helm of a promising B2B startup specializing in enterprise AI software, poised to revolutionize business accounting processes. Your company was on the brink of securing a crucial deal expected to secure its financial future.

The tides have turned unexpectedly as your prospective major client, NeoBank DE, decides to pull out of the deal to pursue their in-house solution. This decision presents a significant challenge to your company's projected growth and financial stability.

Your primary task is to inform your Venture Capital (VC) investor about this pivotal development. The conversation is crucial, as it involves not just conveying the bad news but also strategizing the next steps for your startup's financial strategy. This scenario sets the stage for discussing the need for additional funding to support ongoing operations and growth.

This simulation is an excellent opportunity for learning designers, teachers, and program schedulers to incorporate into training programs. Participants will learn to navigate the complexities of delivering unfavorable news while maintaining stakeholder trust and confidence. It's designed to be fun, interactive, and immensely practical, providing participants with the tools to handle similar real-life business challenges effectively.

Engage with this scenario to build critical skills in crisis communication, strategic decision-making, and investor relations, all within a supportive and realistic simulation environment. Perfect for those looking to enhance their leadership qualities and prepare for the unpredictable challenges.