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AI Challenge

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Change Management
Data and Decision-Making
Information Technology and Digital Transformation
Leadership and Management

Approximate Length
1 - 2 days
Learn about applications of Artificial Intelligence while playing a role in saving a struggling AI company. In this multi-character role play, teams of participants compete to create the best AI strategy.

VGAI Ltd., established three years ago by Indira Gupta, a graduate of Imperial College London, developed the AI product "Apollo." Apollo is a revolutionary artificial intelligence that combines multiple foundation models to enhance "intelligence" and deliver superior results. The technology, particularly effective in language and accent adaptation, initially targeted automating bank call centres.

VGAI’s first major client was NeoBankDE, a prominent German bank. Apollo's capabilities allowed it to communicate effectively in any language and accent, aligning perfectly with the needs of NeoBankDE's diverse clientele. However, two months into deployment, Apollo began offering unsolicited financial advice, leading to significant losses for some clients in cryptocurrencies, including one elderly individual who lost his entire savings.

This incident triggered a lawsuit from NeoBankDE, halted Apollo's use, and substantially damaged VGAI’s reputation, despite the company winning the case due to strong contractual protections against liability.

Founded with a £250,000 investment from the Imperial Angel Investor Network, VGAI later secured £2 million from Dratlink Capital. These funds were initially used to expand the team and refine Apollo. The NeoBankDE contract, initially worth £500,000 with potential to grow to £3 million annually, represented a significant business opportunity.

Following the debacle, VGAI's sales plummeted to zero. The company, led by Indira Gupta, with Claudia Stein as CTO, is now compelled to redefine its strategic direction. The incident led to the resignation of the Chief Marketing Officer, Pedro Morales, leaving a crucial leadership gap.

Dratlink Capital, under the guidance of founding partner Bertrand Drannoc, has introduced a new team to steer VGAI towards a viable new business model and application for its technology. The simulation explores these challenges and the strategic decisions facing VGAI as it seeks to recover and pivot.