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Radio Scan - Sofie Nielsen

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Leadership and Management

Arts and Entertainment
Media, Film and Television
Approximate Length
60 minutes
At Radio Scan, Programme Director Sofie Nielsen negotiates with Veteran Host Mikkel Jensen to cut his airtime by 50% for new shows, balancing innovation with loyalty. Playing Sofie Nielsen, can you come to a deal while keeping Radio Scan live!?

Radio Scan, a popular Copenhagen radio station, is undergoing significant changes. Recently acquired by a media conglomerate, the station aims to attract younger audiences by refreshing its programming lineup. As part of this strategic shift, Programme Director Sofie Nielsen must navigate a delicate negotiation with Mikkel Jensen, a beloved veteran radio host whose prime-time classic rock show has captivated listeners for over 15 years.

Sofie is tasked with reducing Mikkel’s airtime by 50% to make room for new shows targeting younger demographics. However, it is crucial that Mikkel does not feel sidelined or consider retiring, as his show remains a key draw for the station’s core audience and advertisers.

Learning Objectives:

1. Strategic Communication: Participants will learn to communicate strategic changes effectively, ensuring that all parties understand the reasons behind decisions and their potential benefits.

2. Negotiation Skills: The scenario focuses on developing negotiation techniques that respect both the company’s future vision and the individual’s contributions, aiming for solutions that mitigate losses while fostering new opportunities.

3. Emotional Intelligence: Emphasizes the importance of handling sensitive conversations with empathy and respect, recognizing the emotional impact of significant professional changes.

4. Problem Solving: Encourages creative problem solving to balance innovation with tradition, such as proposing new roles or modified schedules that maintain the veteran’s involvement while still refreshing the programming.

5. Adaptability: Participants will explore how to stay adaptable, allowing for feedback and adjustments post-implementation to refine the approach based on real outcomes and reactions.

This role play is not just about cutting airtime but about envisioning a future where old and new can coexist beneficially, ensuring Radio Scan remains a beloved staple of Copenhagen’s radio landscape.