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The Screen Play Standoff

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Conflict Resolution
Difficult Conversations

Arts and Entertainment
Media, Film and Television
Approximate Length
60 minutes
Join our role-play "The Screenplay Standoff" to navigate the complexities of film production negotiations, balancing artistic integrity, commercial appeal, budget constraints, and actor preferences in the screenplay "Eclipse of Destiny."

Dive into the riveting world of film production with our role-play scenario, "The Screenplay Standoff," designed for the course "Mastering Value Negotiation in Film and Media." This immersive experience places you in a small independent film company's meeting room, where a vital discussion unfolds around the screenplay "Eclipse of Destiny," a dramatic thriller set in the late 1950s. The narrative centers on a misunderstood artist embroiled in a political conspiracy, facing the pressures of modern filmmaking's commercial demands.

Participants in this role-play will assume the roles of key stakeholders: Alex the screenwriter, Jordan the director, Casey the producer, and Taylor the lead actor. Each character brings a unique perspective and set of priorities to the table, from artistic integrity and commercial viability to budget considerations and personal career goals.

The scenario unfolds as the team debates proposed changes to the screenplay that include adding action sequences to broaden audience appeal and adjusting character roles to leverage the lead actor's popularity. Alex strives to preserve the depth and thematic integrity of the original script, while Jordan pushes for enhancements that promise a wider reach and potentially greater box office returns. Meanwhile, Casey, the producer, juggles the creative aspirations with the practicalities of budget constraints, and Taylor seeks to reshape their role to better showcase their talents.

Participants will need to employ conflict resolution strategies such as active listening, empathy, creative problem-solving, and clear communication to navigate the negotiation. The goal is not only to reach a consensus that satisfies all parties but also to ensure the film's success both critically and financially.

This role-play is an excellent opportunity to understand and practice the delicate balance of interests that defines real-world negotiations in the film and media industry.