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AI Disruption in TV Production

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Conflict Resolution
Difficult Conversations

Media, Film and Television
Approximate Length
60 minutes
Navigate the divergent interests in the making of "Skygger af København," a TV series negotiation about balancing artistic integrity with budget constraints by controversially using AI actors to reduce production costs.

Our role-play scenario for "Skygger af København" (Shadows of Copenhagen) provides an engaging framework for media courses focusing on negotiation in film and TV production. Set within the context of AI disruption in the industry, this exercise challenges participants to navigate complex negotiations between Jens Holmberg, an independent Danish TV producer, and Claire Ashworth, a senior production executive at a British TV studio.

Jens has developed a gripping Scandi Noir series set in Denmark, characterized by its dark, moody aesthetic and intricate storytelling. Claire, on the other hand, aims to drastically reduce production costs from £1 million per episode to £350,000, proposing the use of AI actors for certain roles as a cost-cutting measure.

The role-play is designed to explore the tensions between maintaining artistic integrity and embracing technological innovations to manage budgets effectively. Participants will delve into critical negotiation aspects such as cost management, creative control, and the potential impact of new technologies on traditional media production.

**Key Learning Objectives:**
1. **Strategic Negotiation**: Understand how to balance creative demands with financial constraints in media production.
2. **Stakeholder Management**: Learn to navigate differing priorities between creative personnel and executive management.
3. **Innovation Adoption**: Assess the risks and benefits of integrating emerging technologies, like AI, in creative processes.

**Participants' Roles and Information:**
- **Jens Holmberg**: Focused on preserving the authenticity and emotional depth of the series, wary of the implications of replacing human actors with AI.
- **Claire Ashworth**: Driven to reduce costs and innovate, pushing for the adoption of AI actors to secure the studio’s financial future and establish a precedent in the industry.

**Confidential Briefings:**
- Jens is provided insights into strategic interests, such as maintaining control over key