Our standard pricing is per scenario per participant.

We sell batches of tokens to be credited for scenario use.

Batches of tokens start at:
€600 for 25 tokens
which on a typical scenario would mean 25 participants can experience one scenario.

Price for larger batches:
€2,000 for 100 tokens
€12,000 for 1,000 tokens
€50,000 for 10,000 tokens

If you would like a site license for your organisation, please contact us for a quote.

Scenario customisation starts at €2,000.

We can craft custom scenarios tailored to your organisation and learning objectives. Derivatives of existing scenarios, or completely original ...

Look through our catalogue to see if you find a scenario that is close to what you want.

We can tweak an existing scenario to be tailored to your organisation, language, geography and culture.

We can also white label our interface to match your branding.

Please contact us with your request.