Qinect at the Danish Film School

This week Qinect was used to train film and media professionals about Negotiations.

The course comprised teaching of negotiation theory combined with practical application of the learning in negotiation role plays.

Some of the role plays were between two participants and others were between teams of participants negotiating with virtual role players in the realistic, carefully crafted Qinect scenarios.

Here are some of the Qinect scenarios used:
The Shooting Star
AI Disruption in TV Production
Radio Scan (experience both sides of the negotiation):
Sofie Nielsen
Mikkel Jensen

Tuesday, 16 April 2024

Deep Tech Education on Qinect

Qinect was present at the "Hello Tomorrow" Deep Tech Conference 2024.

Bill Magill and Adrian Johnson, Adjunct Professors at INSEAD, have packaged together a complete Deep Tech Venture Creation course, which is AI-driven and available as a standalone course on the Qinect Platform.

The Course can also be delivered as part of a synchronous live virtual or in-person course. Such a course is delivered to INSEAD MBA and Global MBA students during the annual "Deep Tech" elective course run by Bill Magill and Adrian Johnson in collaboration with CERN and the European Space Agency. The course has also been delivered to Professors, Post-Doc and PhD science, engineering and mathematics participants from Nanyang Technical University in Singapore.

Tuesday, 2 April 2024